Caring for more children, earlier and better!

ELMo is a mobile app that captures the child's speech-language at their best in a natural and familiar environment.  ELMo sends the video recording to the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) before their first appointment, during assessment or during therapy follow-up sessions.

Why choose Elmo

Time efficient

ELMo decreases the assessment time required for the SLP to diagnose the child's problem. Hence, it allows the SLP to see more patients .

Better quality

A child does not always express themselves best in an unfamiliar environment, such as a clinic. By using ELMo, you increase the quality of the speech-language assessment and therapy by capturing the child in their natural environment, such as their home.

Friendly care

ELMo increases parents' involvement and partnership with SLPs in their child speech-language diagnostic assessment and treatment.


16% young children have language problems

8% persistent language problems through teenage and adulthood

5,000,000 3-17 years old with speech-language problems in USA +Canada

Economic cost of $154B US approximately 2.5% of total Gross Domestic Product

Early screening, assessment and treatment of these problems reduced long term sequela at teenage and adulthood

ELMo contributes to early screening, assessement and treatment by helping SLP seeing more children, earlier and better!

ELMo allows us to have direct contact with the patient in a familiar and natural context, even before our first evaluation meeting! The child is at ease and is able to give us their full potential.

Vanessa, SLP

The information we obtain from the videos and transcriptions is valuable and contributes in improving the quality and validity of our assessments and interventions, while increasing our efficiency!

Jacqueline, SLP


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