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We believe that connecting parents and clinicians well enables us to care for more children, earlier and better, for a healthier future for our children!

We are innovators, clinicians and researches who intend to solve children’s late diagnosis of speech-language and developmental problems, by providing scientifically validated and reliable early screening, assessment and treatment mobile and web platform tools. 


Kathy Malas

Clinical and Research Officer

Michel Bilodeau

IT Officer

Our partners

Clinique d'orthophonie sociale de Québec

The Clinic of Social Speech-Language Pathology wants to place itself in an intermediate zone between public care and private services. As a not-for-profit social economy enterprise, the Clinic is available to the community and invites the public to invest in and participate in its mission.
To accomplish its mission to make speech-language services as accessible as possible, the Clinic sets up two mechanisms:
(1) the operation of a low-cost clinic open to all clienteles
(2) the implementation of projects and collaborations in the community to fill service gaps, such as tele-speech and a partnership with GoELMo.

Proaction Multitherapy Clinic

The Multitherapy Proaction Clinic is a private facility in Saint-Laurent that offers high quality services for clients of all ages. It brings together the expertise of a range of professionals trained in rehabilitation, including peech-Language Therapists. 

The clinic offers a diverse combination of personalized services that address the special needs of its clients and their families through its uniquely holistic approach. It specializes in helping individuals with developmental or acquired problems that affect the various functions or aspects of development.

Our telepractice service is an innovative state of the art technology, which enables you to take advantage of certain of our services in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world, using diverse softwares including ELMo. Proaction Mutlitherapy Clinic and Innovation GoELMo are partners since 2017.

Apple Inc

Professionals around the world are using iPhone to transform the way we think about health. Apps created with Research Kit are already producing medical insights and discoveries at a pace and scale never seen before. For clinical researchers, the first step to battling disease is understanding it. Research Kit is helping researchers achieve that goal. An open-source framework for building apps, Research Kit makes it easier to enrol participants and conduct studies. Since its introduction, the amount of data collected — and the insight gained — has been ground breaking. GoELMo Innovation has used this Research Kit to develop components for our firs ELMo product and has partnered with Apple for an international launch of the app.

CHU Sainte-Justine Mother and Child University Hospital Center

GoELMo Innovation and Mother and Child Sainte-Justine University Health Center (CHUSJ)partnered to develop and refine ELMo and to lead a research project to validate the key clinical research questions of ELMo: Does ELMo 1) maintain and increases the quality of the SLP assessment, 2) reduces the assessment time, 3) increases patient partnership. This research project is co-directed by Andrea MacLeod, PhD., a researcher from Sainte-Justine Research Center and from the Faculty of Medicine of Université de Montréal (UdeM).This project will be conducted in the summer and automn 2016 by recruting 30 patients with speech-language difficulties. A publication will be done at the end of the pilot project. 

Mother and Child Sainte-Justine University Health Center (CHUSJ) is the largest Mother and Child Univserity Hostpital Center in North America. CHU Sainte-Justine promotes a vision and values of continuous innovation

 Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts (SALT)

SLPs document language production in everyday speaking conditions. They  collect representative language samples, transcribe them, and compare them to age or grade-matched typical speakers. SALT offers products and transcription services which calculates measures of syntax, semantics, discourse, rate, fluency, and errors to provide profiles of strengths and weaknesses. SLPs can use these profiles to facilitate the identification of disordered performance and guide the development of language intervention strategies.

SALT can quickly get its customers over the transcription hurdle to ensure the power of language sample analysis to use in their practice. They offer transcription services where customer upload his audio or video file and lets SALT transcribe the samples for the customer

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